Is America becoming a nation of Early Birds? Will the rest of the world follow?

Last week, I came across a very interesting article and it’s about the changing sleeping habits of Americans. I wonder if the rest of the world will follow.

This article outlines ways that every since the pandemic lockdowns, people’s behavior has shifted to prioritize sleep.

As someone who is passionate about a good night’s rest, I can see this trend gaining momentum.
If this article is behind a paywall for you- here are the my top takeaways:

There is a growing trend of people picking earlier activities with new, trendy restaurants closing their kitchens as early as 8 p.m., and movie theaters opting for matinee showings over late-night screenings. This trend is also evident in Broadway shows, where a third of the shows now start in the 7 o’clock hour on Fridays, a change from just a few years ago. Additionally, New Orleans, known for its late-night scene, is seeing a decline in late-night events and an increase in demand for earlier activities.

I think even individuals accustomed to late-night activities are beginning to appreciate earlier events and getting a full night’s sleep.

I’m interested to know if you guys are night owls or early birds (like myself). Additionally, have your sleeping patterns changed in the last three years?


One possible explanation: The elderly in the USA tend to eat dinner earlier and tend to go to bed earlier, and the USA’s population is “graying”.


I feel that when a person is more attuned to nature, and the natural cycles within nature, their habits change. Going to bed and rising with the sun is a natural thing, and much healthier for many of us than staying up later.


I have begun to rise naturally early and refreshed as I prioritise sleep and don’t eat after lunchtime. I also use the relaxation feature in the Mudita clock if I cannot sleep or awake during the night.


That’s so good to hear! Was it hard to make the change? Did it all sort of happen at once or was it more of a step-by-step process?

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I’ve been working on it for a little while. I started with getting a few red lamps in my home for late at night, trying not to use main lights after dark. Candlelight is good too. I listened to a few podcasts (WISH the Pure had a podcast player!) about the importance of seep and the chemistry in the brain, especially later in life. I try not to use any devices too close to sleep which is why the Pure is good, with the e-ink screen. I pray the next device has an e-ink screen too. I used to listen to some asmr stuff in the dark, laying in bed but now I listen to the relaxation setting on the Harmony for 15-30 minutes. But I would really like to see/hear more sounds being added to ‘relaxation’. I bought this clock for my sister at Christmas too and would love to show them new sounds and features to relax with, hopefully bringing my brother-in-law’s blood pressure down.

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