Interface thoughts/questions

since i bought an Nokia 105 this week as a “side-phone” to my Iphone, (and want to use my Iphone more as a “computer”, music player and camera) i noticed that some functions in this “new” dumbphone are way worse than they should be, so i have some questions before i pre-order a Mudita pure. Some are little things, but they make everyday use annoying.

  1. Will the sms interface work like in old phones, or in a chat way, so the sms get’s grouped to the certain number of the sender? edit: already read that this is coming in your FAQ :smiley:
  2. Will the space button if pressed two times make an period?
  3. Will the middle/navigation button be cutomizeable with functions on the Main menu (left new sms, down contacts, right calender,…)
  4. Will there be pre-build Smileys in an menu for the keyboard?
  5. Will Smileys be shown in plain text form if someone with an Android/iOS phone writes an SMS, or is this just not possible because of the sending process of the other devices? (at the Nokia 105 i just get two squares, even on an :slight_smile: smiley, which is just annoying)
  6. Will it be possible to share/tether with the Mudita Pure, so i have internet on my iPhone or Macbook for E-Mails on the go?
  7. Will google calendar sync work, while connected to an Macbook?



I have the Same Questions and I suggest just to add UTF8 support to SMS