Interface thoughts/questions

since i bought an Nokia 105 this week as a “side-phone” to my Iphone, (and want to use my Iphone more as a “computer”, music player and camera) i noticed that some functions in this “new” dumbphone are way worse than they should be, so i have some questions before i pre-order a Mudita pure. Some are little things, but they make everyday use annoying.

  1. Will the sms interface work like in old phones, or in a chat way, so the sms get’s grouped to the certain number of the sender? edit: already read that this is coming in your FAQ :smiley:
  2. Will the space button if pressed two times make an period?
  3. Will the middle/navigation button be cutomizeable with functions on the Main menu (left new sms, down contacts, right calender,…)
  4. Will there be pre-build Smileys in an menu for the keyboard?
  5. Will Smileys be shown in plain text form if someone with an Android/iOS phone writes an SMS, or is this just not possible because of the sending process of the other devices? (at the Nokia 105 i just get two squares, even on an :slight_smile: smiley, which is just annoying)
  6. Will it be possible to share/tether with the Mudita Pure, so i have internet on my iPhone or Macbook for E-Mails on the go?
  7. Will google calendar sync work, while connected to an Macbook?



I have the Same Questions and I suggest just to add UTF8 support to SMS


Ditto, I don’t think it should be too complicated to add UTF-8 with character support for the major languages, but I’m not familiar with the software limitations of RTOS. Not necessarily input capability, but at least display capability would be extremely useful (i.e. Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, some Indian language like Hindi). Most languages have some compatible Latin alphabet equivalent transliteration which could be used for responding to SMS, but if you cannot read the incoming message text, then you’re SOL.


yeah , really I don’t mind not be able to input in certain languages but at least I can read the incoming SMS


Might it be possible to see now a preview of how back-&-forth SMS messages will look between a Mudita Pure user and another cellphone owner?

Similarly, might it be possible to see now how the calls log will look on the Mudita Pure?