Instead of the review as Mudita Pure is just Alpha release

Hi, after I received device few weeks ago I was planning to make some short review. However, I will not do it as Mudita Pure is unusable device hanging randomly with very poor signal strength. It can serve as torch only because of its unreliability related to sms and calls - one cannot use alarm as well as it hangs sometimes in the night and alarm doesn’t start. No calendar functionality for me - I need to take one-two word note at date to make it useful but there is no such functionality. So this is Mudita torch for me right now and I am back to my Samsung solid with smashed display only after few days of using Mudita.

Does it have potential, is the idea of simple phone proposed by Mudita good? Yes, of course. I was waiting over a year for this phone. But today it is just alpha software, take a look what it means here:
Software release life cycle - Wikipedia.

I do not understand why I should pay much money to become alpha tester? I need device which works instantly - it was said many times in the forum - device which allows user at minimum make calls and send text messages reliably. It seems Mudita team either forgets about non functional requirements or wants customers to do the tests which should have been made inhouse. After successful alpha, Mudita could start beta phase - I would say phone should be discounted by 50% for the user then. Only after beta is passed could they start to sell the phones as they do it today.
Actually, I am professional quality enginner, and I care about quality at work but I really do not plan to do it in my private time for this device. Does “community presale” stands for “alpha testers” and “product premiere” will be related to “beta testing phase” ?

Currently, new version of Mudita software was released (1.3.0 - with update errors reported on other threads) so I should be buying new sim now (not to put my primary one there) and testing the phone around for days or weeks, reporting bugs and looking forward for another software release. Then, starting the cycle again. But wait, I am your customer and not your employee !

Why am I writing it after so many weeks after I stopped using it you may ask? I was surprised again when It turned out this forum is unable to register new users. It doesn’t send confirmation emails (I do not have any problems with other registrations anywhere) and I can write this only because technical support after 2 weeks manually confirmed my account. I wonder if all people who wish to write posts here can do it actually.

I guess I made too long answer for a simple question: should I buy Mudita now? Or maybe it even became a review of some kind.


I agree with all you wrote. That phone fails in so many scenarios, that it makes me wonder if Mudita engineering team actually uses their own product on daily basis or is majority of them glued to iPhones and Android phones… Hey Mudita, when you setup remote team meetings do you use Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom? If yes, I suggest you consider to make it a rule that you dial-in to those meetings from your brand new Pures.

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I haven’t purchased this device so far, but I’m curious about the development of this crowdfunding story. Your “review” makes a lot of sense for me.

It looks like some users located in different countries have a bit smoother experience, but I wrote in some other thread that after all of these concerning reports Mudita devs should share some detailed description on what went wrong, how it was fixed and why they believe specific issues are fully resolved. Without this kind of transparency it would still feel like some kinda startup experience in which team of developers tries to figure out how to make a dumb-phone device from scratch.

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I completely agree gregor. We’re performing the alpha/beta testing on Mudita’s behalf. Its astonishing that the Pure was released with such fundamental flaws. How could thse flaws possibly not have been picked up during testing ? There’s just no way its believable that these issues with calls / SMS’s / audio quality were not known when the products were shipped.
I like the idea of having the staff utilize the Pure to dial in to their crisis / team meetings.

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Let’s at least consider that some of the issues might be occurring under certain conditions.

Maybe the trigger is that connection to mobile network provider keeps resetting and that in turn causes the phone to act weird, the software cannot handle all of the edge cases and the result is totally unstable behavior. I’m not saying it’s justifiable for Mudita to ship product in such an early stage, but I can see some of these issues as not easily reproducible.

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@gregor Thanks for letting us know about the forum issue. Although we are aware of the issues with Mudita Pure, and we are working round-the-clock to implement fixes to all the problems, we were not aware about the FORUM issue.

I agree. Whether this is an Alpha or Beta testing phase, this is a testing phase, not a finished product. I cannot even use Mudita Pure as a dumb phone since I cannot import my contacts.

Bug report sections (forge = Github):

@urszula I believe the tagging should be improved in Github in order to prioritise and sort out issues/proposals. This classification may be useful as an example: Labels · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

As a general notice, I believe a strategic priority should be to attract more technical contributors to the forge (Github), since there are many dysfunctionalities to be solved. Does your team plan on participating in open-source community events? There is a need for more promotion in these circles.


A propos open-source ecosystem: Open Source Software Country Intelligence | Joinup

I am sure there are some interesting leads for Mudita, even in Poland perhaps.


@agent_libre I’ve passed on the info to our devs.