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Serbian language (latin) contains č ć đ š ž characters. Does the Pure have an option to choose “Input language” (Serbian latin), to type these characters when writing a message?

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Hi @elegante, I have submitted a request for the special characters you’ve mentioned. I can’t confirm that they’ll be available on the first version of Pure but as some of our other languages contain special characters, it’s likely that even if the ones you’ve mentioned are missing, they will be added with an update via the desktop app. If I learn any more details, I will update you.

Thank you @tiffany
Just one more question :slight_smile:
Will both SIM cards be active at the same time?

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No problem @elegante!
Both SIM cards won’t be active at the same time.
It’s possible to switch between them in the desktop app. This was a conscious decision we made early on in order to help people maintain a sense of balance, it was considered particularly important for people who intend to use one SIM card for work and one SIM card for home.

Thank you @tiffany for your answers and kindness!

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will it support non latin charachters in SMS or contacts like arabic ?
I dont mind about english only input but at least I can read SMS not squares or symbols