Information Overload

I just read a very interesting tidbit which highlighted the amount of information we currently process on a daily basis.
I’m not sure home much of it is true, but apparently a single edition of the New York Times contains more information than what an average person in the 17th century might have encountered in their entire lifetime.
Although there is no definitive way to define what we would call ‘information,’ the statement does reflect on the exponential growth in the production and distribution of information facilitated by advances in printing, broadcasting, and, more recently, the internet, smartphones & social media.

What are your thoughts about how our relationship with information has changed over time. More importantly, how has the digital age impacted our information consumption?

Gen Z: Information vs. Knowledge

I believe that Gen Z people (Zoomers) see themselves – even though it is not necessarily true! – as the most connected to information among everyone alive today (excluding Gen Alpha kids, given how young they are).

But, I also believe that Zoomers are the least knowledgeable among everyone alive today, due to their addiction to their ever-present smartphones.

How well would Zoomers perform, in comparison with other generations, if you were to ask them these questions while denying them access to the Internet?

  1. What is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of a circle?
  2. How does the presence or absence of clouds at night affect the temperature the next day?
  3. How does a man’s male-pattern baldness affect his grandchildren?
  4. How can someone counteract the pain of brain freeze?

I believe that many Zoomers, in comparison with other generations, would struggle to give the correct answers to these questions.

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@kirkmahoneyphd I think I would take your theory and add something to it. I don’t think that that it’s necessarily just the GEN Z or GEN Alpha individuals who fall into the trap of being connected to too much information, yet not retaining any of it.
I, personally, have noticed that when I was younger & not surrounded by so much digital technology/information overload, I was able to retain info better. Even useless facts & tidbits stuck in my head. However, now, I can’t even seem to remember my friends phone number without having to check in my contact list.

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I am from generation X.
We had the best of both worlds, old and new. We had to go to the library to get the info we needed when we were young. It was available, but you had to work for it. Nowadays with one click, the whole world is available on a small screen.
There lies the problem these days, lot of info, but mostly taken from social media… the overload. “Why do we need cows? Milk is coming from the factory…” :man_facepalming:t3: And those kind of comments.
Not that every gen Z etc is like that, but those numbers are growing. ( eventually they will be in the government running your country and telling you what to do…. :face_with_monocle: )
Info is good, but use it wisely. And start living… in the real world!

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