I wrote a blog series about shrinking my digital footprint

This is a project I started a number of years ago, but I’m still working on it, and I hope that the Mudita will help shape the next chapter. I talk about my battles with phone addiction, my gripes with planned obsolescence, and the skills I’ve lost over the years due to over-dependence on on-demand digital infrastructure and my attempts to get them back. Hopefully it inspires and entertains some of you! I don’t blog very much anymore, but I do plan to continue documenting the more interesting places that “going analog” takes me.

Here is the first post, written back in 2016: https://zerowastemillennial.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/going-analog-part-1/

You can read other installments here: https://zerowastemillennial.wordpress.com/tag/going-analog/

(I hope this is OK to post, Mudita!)

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Thanks for sharing. I am excited to dive deep on your journey. I like your resources tab a ton!


@boneblack Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. As we all know, technology has made it easier than ever to fracture our attention into smaller and smaller pieces. It’s always interesting to hear from people, like you, who share their journey and commitment to living a more digitally mindful lifestyle. We really appreciate your feedback. Make sure to come back & share your progress.

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Thank you!
As a note: I know in the last post I wrote, I wrote about being optimistic about the Light Phone… obviously, my optimism has since fallen flat! I look forward to writing about the Mudita first chance I get.

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@boneblack We are happy to hear that you have become a true Mudita fan! Thank you for all your kind words & support.