I want my refund

Lets keep it short

Bought a mudita pure for €349,20 at the 29th november 2021

I never recieved anything the company is almost not reachable and not mailing back to my refund mail.

I want my money back

@theohensen I’m sorry you feel we are “unreachable” when we respond very quickly to your messages on social media. You sent a message earlier and I did respond to you on social media stating that I will check on that refund you requested. We apologize for the wait. I will ask customer support to look into this.

I have a similar experience. They sent my order to the wrong address and promised to send it to the correct one, but they have ignored my emails for three weeks…

Well, to reply to a buyer of “Mudita Pure” that you can be reached via social media seems a bit absurd to me. Aren’t we buyers of “Mudita Pure” looking to live a life without social media?


To be fair, in this case it’s not Mudita that chose the form of contact, right?

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Hi Urszula,
I have submitted a request for RMA# and a refund of mudita pure ordered on February 3, 2002. I received the product May 16, 2022, and 10 days later made request for a refund (May, 26, 2022), however did not receive the response.

Order # 18536188
This link have been provided to me upon creation of the ticket:

However I’m not able to access the ticket, as the login screen does not accept my credentials. Password recovery does not help - the system does not generate password recovery e-mail.
Please respond via email listed under the above order#, with an RMA and instructions to send the phone back to you, as well as prepaid shipping label. Perhaps Michal could help grease the wheels expedite the matter, you think?


You’ve ordered feb 2022?

And recieved may 16th? Lol then they also lied to me that they would send shit chronicly because i ordered at november and they didnt even starting sending. Happy i bought an nokia 150 neo for €20 rn

Let’s wait and see what comes back…
I paid from my small business account… CAD$500+ is not some pocket change to me, and I would like to see Michal coming to this thread and demonstrate he has skin in this game.

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Indeed same opinion

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Dear Mudita support,
Would you be so kind as to respond to my request for a refund.
This support ticket provided is not accessible: https://support.mudita.com/helpdesk/tickets/12370 and I can’t wrap my head around what I did wrong. Anyways, the login credentials are not accepted, and all I get is the following message:
“You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.”
:wink: :wink:
Please and Thank you

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@thilodus We have many channels of contact because we understand that people still DO use social media. The situation here is that @theohensen reached out to US via social media. He messaged us very frequently on social media & it seemed to be his preferred method of contact. In fact, since he placed his order in November, he’s written to us more than a dozen times via social media & we’ve exchanged over 50 messages this. way. To be fair, he has primarily contacted us via social media before before his cancellation because we are not able to process & verify order information via social media.

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I am waiting for a response to my request for refund.
Why is Community Manager ignoring my request (in addtition) to customer support that has not answered the email?
Please and Thank you

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@customer I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I somehow must have missed your FORUM post regarding your support ticket. I’ve reached out to our to in order to see what the problem is & how we can resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

So instead of issuing return shipping label and refund, I m being asked to send the logs.
Are you serious?
I do not have the time to troubleshoot bugs, act as beta-tester, or wait until software problems are resolved. I made a “return and refund request” withing 14 days of receiving the phone, and want my money back. Is it clear?

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@customer I’m sorry about all the confusion. I will forward this to the department responsible for refunds.

On a side note: we put in place a procedure for returning phones, where we add logs to returns so we can diagnose the problem when the phone is being returned. That’s why you were asked for the logs. You received an e-mail 5 days ago, in which we confirmed that we will cover the return shipping & in that email we asked for the logs as a way to help us diagnose the issues, so we can implement fixes moving forward. Those logs are not a requirement for the refund by any means. They just help us to make the phone better. We just received your reply this morning with the logs. However, those logs were not a requirement. If you had replied to the previous email with information that you don’t care to share your logs & you just want your money back, we would have still processed your refund with FREE return shipping. We were just asking for the logs
I apologize for the misunderstanding. Your refund is in process.


I have never had an issue with communication with this company. They are fantastic and reply to requests promptly. No one is perfect of course but they are a fantastic company with a great mission.


@cardio79 Thank you for the kind words & all the support :smiley: We really appreciate it!

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I was one of the earlier receprients of the phone and as it is unsuitable for my use (volume much too low for someone with hearing difficulties) I put in a claim for a refund. I was sent a return address label and was told a courier would pick it up the next day (I am in Australia). This was over a month ago and I have heard nothing despite sending a number of emails to Mudita Support. Please can this be sorted asap. Thank you

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@jch I’m so sorry that you experienced such a delay & that no one followed up with you. Our apologies for that. I will check on this right away for you.

I’m not waiting for a refund but for when its ready and the final 100% touch up is completed ( just like a boss)! I’m off grid and I know this phone will keep me that way.

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