I have just preordered mudita pure

I have just successfully pre-ordered Mudita pure
what is the estimated shipping time to germany ?

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Thank you so much for pre-ordering Mudita Pure @Amr_Osman! We will be updating everyone about shipping nearer to the launch, which will be in Autumn. As Mudita are based in Poland, shipping to Germany shouldn’t take very long.

I have asked a friend in Germany to buy it for me and I have sent him the money as I am now located in Egypt and he will get it to me when he comes to Egypt as I have learnt that it won’t be shipped directly to Egypt for Certification reasons
So I am asking about the date


there is a problem with payment I have tried 4 times and I get a message about the fund not being withdrawn from my credit card
is there some issue now with indiegogo !?

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Hi @Amr_Osman,
I hope you managed to find a solution to this issue.
If you have any other queries, it might be best to send an email to hello@mudita.com!

yeah , I did
but I have a Q?
would Mudita Pure support Emoji in SMS ?
will I be able to Read arabic SMS ?

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Great, thanks for letting me know @Amr_Osman. Pure supports simple emojis but I don’t think you will be able to receive SMS in Arabic. I will confirm this with the engineering team.

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please ask them if they support Arabic or it will be a mess as I wont be able to message any one literally. they can just add any free Arabic font to the system and even through some update

@Amr_Osman Arabic will not work on Mudita Pure. Sorry about that, please direct any further queries to hello@mudita.com so that they can assist you further.