I created an unofficial Mudita Discord server

I’ve noticed that sometimes this forum isn’t the best way to get ahold of people quickly, nor is it the best place for discussion, so I’ve created a 100% unofficial Mudita Discord server to facilitate discussions of Mudita products, you can join here:


@immychann I know the intention behind this is good, however, the best way to reach the Mudita Team is on this FORUM. This way, we can ensure that the information your are receiving is accurate and coming from a reputable source. We have no way of verifying who posts on a third-party website & where they got their info from. Therefore, the information may not be correct or outdated. We would not advocate going to outside sources for information about our products.

Also, why do you feel this is not the best place for discussion? What do you feel is missing? We value your feedback & would love to hear ideas on how to make this FORUM better! After all, we’re all about improvement.

We understand that, sometimes, the team might not answer immediately, however, that’s not intentional. As you know, we are based in Poland & our team is HERE. We ask that our community members take time-zone differences, weekends & holidays into consideration when posting on the Mudita Forum. After all, 3PM in Los Angeles in MIDNIGHT in Warsaw.
Also, we do encourage our team members to spend time offline when they are not working. This means that if you send us an email or post over the weekend, we might not get back to you right away. We unusually respond within a reasonable amount of time.

That said, we would encourage you to build this forum with us. This way, you can have the most up-to-date & accurate information, in addition to having influence on the products we create. The Mudita Forum is simple the best place for all things connected to MUDITA! :smiley:


Discord is just faster for some. It’s chat based and not forum based. Plus you can organize threads and not have to have them repeated again and again. Thats probably why some prefer discord.

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I didn’t explore too much the forum features, but perhaps the “Bookmark” option in the forum could have a similar or close to creating a personal thread or saving specific posts. Is it possible, @urszula?


@Jose_Briones & @roberto Thanks for the feedback. I will talk with our forum dev team to see what we can do to make this a better experience for everyone.

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I think the experience here is good, but discord is just a different pace. I enjoy having a place to discuss Mudita Pure matters with representatives of the company :slight_smile: