I almost got frustrated but then I saw that I only have to wait until "52 years ago"


@jessinthemoontime I think that’s our dev’s version of an Easter Egg :smiley: I’ll get on them too see what’s up.

It’s probably a bug with whatever routine populates the date field in the software. The year 1970 was 52 years ago. On Unix-like systems, a date field with a value of zero corresponds to 01/01/1970 (a date is stored as the number of seconds that have passed since 00:00 on 01/01/1970). Therefore, if the programmers forgot to tell the software when the user could try again, the value of the date will be 0, and therefore the software will say “please wait until midnight on Jan 1, 1970” - i.e. “you can try again 52 years ago”!


@forest_cat I think that was the EASTER EGG :smiley:

I like it! Rather geeky, extremely subtle, and from a technical perspective it would have been a good choice for your developers to implement quickly without wasting too much time or effort!

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I’m almost certain it’s a bug, not an easter egg. Easter eggs in software are usually a bit harder to access, do not interfere with the basic user experience (like information on retry interval time) and show some kind of effort put into coding the unexpected behavior.