How to turn your smartphone into a feature phone

I was inspired by our helpful community members from a previous thread to write a blog post about turning a smartphone into a feature phone. I’ve never has an Apple phone, so don’t know how to go about ‘dumbing down” an Apple. Let me know if I missed anything & I will add it to the blog!


Today my app Quiet is 5 years old and time for a big update. So here is Quiet 3.0 :slight_smile:

Quiet is a content blocker for Safari on iPhone and iPad and a system-wide content blocker on Mac.

Remove all social media apps from your iOS device and start using their website instead. With Quiet you can block those websites when you want to be free of distractions and unblock them when you want to socialise online.

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@l1ghthouse is it only apple compatible?

In case it isn’t, there are native ways on both iOS and Android to do things like setting up time limits, blocking apps and managing notifications / screen time. You can find out more in here:

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@urszula, to prepare for when I get the Mudita Pure – November, right?! :slight_smile:I disabled auto-retrieval of MMS messages on my Android-7 phone.

  1. Open Messaging.
  2. Tap the three-dots icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap “Settings”.
  4. Tap “More”.
  5. Tap “Multimedia messages”.
  6. Disable “Auto-retrieve”.

A new MMS message on my Android-7 smartphone now reaches the Messaging app as only a notification:

Message size: ???KB
New multimedia message. Receive?
(Expire date: Mon dd HH:MM)

If I do not tap [Download], then I never get the MMS message.

I now respond to anyone who sends an MMS message to me with a “Can you email that to …, please? Thank you!” SMS message (which I added to the “Quick reply” collection in my Messaging app’s Settings).

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@kirkmahoneyphd Perhaps sooner :wink:
Thanks for the tips. I’m not a fan of MMS messages- those things can always get emailed :slight_smile:

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I use a NOKIA 6230i on the weekends because I need my smartphone for work- It’s provided by my employer. Thanks for the tips on making it more bearable.

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somehow I came across that I could not convert android to ios and then I came across this article, which I left in my notes convert android app to ios