How do I set up my child’s phone?

My child has a smartphone for emergencies, so they take it to school or when they go to a friend’s house but I am becoming increasingly worried about what they might access. Does anyone have any ideas to put my mind at ease? Perhaps there are some apps that can control what they’re able to use on the device itself?


If they use iPhone the easiest and cheapest way is to use the built in system. Search -> type in Parental Controls and setup limits for Content & Privacy Restrictions. Here you have Content restrictions eg. Web Content -> Limit Adult Websites. But there is much more limits you can setup: films, music, or even limits for the time that a child spend in allowed apps.


Thanks Piotr for your answer! Parental controls are very important.

Few more thoughts in the topic from my side.
Once you decide that your child is ready for a smartphone, it’s a good idea to get informed on the ways you can protect them from the dangers that the uncontrolled use of technology can bring.

You might feel that there is a lot of social pressure when it comes to giving your child a smartphone.
On that subject we’d like to refer to a campaign that is inspiring us:

When we discuss this issue in the office among parents one argument always returns, parental control won’t replace education and your conversations with your child.

Setting up parental control serves only as a supporting tool.

It’s important that you talk about your child about building healthy relationships with technology and what the dangers are, as you want your child to develop self control with regards to that matter.

However, we shouldn’t only rely on the self control of our children, especially when we know how addictive digital services can be (they’re designed that way), even for us adults. When your child is mad at your controlling their time on a device and restricting content, don’t worry, they will thank you in future.

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