How about cell phone charms?

Ever since I lived in Japan for a while I’ve become a huge fan of cell phone charms. Yes I know, they are a matter of taste, but also a big matter of expressing your individuality. Especially important when the phones look more and more the same.

Sooooo now I have to ask a totally relevant question:
Will the MuPu have a place to attach such charms to?
(if it’s not already too late for that, production-wise)

(puppy eyes)


I have charms from Japan on my keychain. A friend of mine bought them for me years ago. On a phone I think they would just get in my way.
I would rather have a customized cell phone case made of rubber/plastic where you can have a custom picture on it. I would like to have a goose on mine because I practice Wild Goose qigong. Guess I will make due with the cork case though - it is more environmentally friendly.

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I remember cellphone charms! So fun.:slight_smile: Wonder if it could connect to the headphone jack and hang on that way?

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@hummingbird12 @anny_way @greymoon I remember phone charms from waaaay back in the day. I think I had them on one of my Nokia phones. I would have to think about a way of attaching them to Mudita Pure. You can always attach them to the cork sleeve.