How about cell phone charms?

Ever since I lived in Japan for a while I’ve become a huge fan of cell phone charms. Yes I know, they are a matter of taste, but also a big matter of expressing your individuality. Especially important when the phones look more and more the same.

Sooooo now I have to ask a totally relevant question:
Will the MuPu have a place to attach such charms to?
(if it’s not already too late for that, production-wise)

(puppy eyes)


I have charms from Japan on my keychain. A friend of mine bought them for me years ago. On a phone I think they would just get in my way.
I would rather have a customized cell phone case made of rubber/plastic where you can have a custom picture on it. I would like to have a goose on mine because I practice Wild Goose qigong. Guess I will make due with the cork case though - it is more environmentally friendly.

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I remember cellphone charms! So fun.:slight_smile: Wonder if it could connect to the headphone jack and hang on that way?

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@hummingbird12 @anny_way @greymoon I remember phone charms from waaaay back in the day. I think I had them on one of my Nokia phones. I would have to think about a way of attaching them to Mudita Pure. You can always attach them to the cork sleeve.

Thank you all for your input, attaching it to the cork sleeve might work, same with the headphone jack.

Of course a charm might get in the way if you’re not and can not get used to it. Might depend on the size and length of the charm, of course. I can imagine that it would annoy me too if it was too long, too ‘dangly’.

@greymoon maybe there is a way for you to get a goose on the cork case? I’m not well-informed about the various kinds of arts and crafts, but there must be a way to get an “impression” of a goose on it, somehow. Like sewing or glueing or embroidering something on it.

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Check out CNC laser engraving of cork:

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That’s a great suggestion, maybe it’s useful for @greymoon? :slight_smile:

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