Have you heard of SMiShing?

Some time ago @kirkmahoneyphd mentioned on the forum that sometimes a text message with a link can trigger a craving for a smartphone- like if it comes with a link to track a package or something similar.
Links in text messages can also trigger a security concern known as " SMiShing
While researching my recent blog: Top 10 Mobile Security Concerns of 2021, I came across SMiShing
What mobile security threats are you most concerned about?


I had not heard of SMiShing.

My mobile-security concern now is the importance of using a VPN app to access the Internet.

I know that Mudita Pure owners will tether them to their computers to access the Internet through the data portion associated with the Pure’s cellular account.

Would it be correct to say that a VPN application running on that same computer would secure the data traffic running through the Pure?


Yes @kirkmahoneyphd, VPN software on a computer would secure your data through the cellular data connection provided by the Mudita Pure phone.


SMiShing is really dangerous. You get a text message to track a package & bam, your info is hijacked before you even know it. With so many people order online during the last year, it’s no wonder it’s on the rise.


Yeah, SMS scams and exploits are an issue here in the UK too. Its why SMS is so much less safe than alternative forms of communication and I think why many on here have been calling for some internet based client of Signal or similar service for Mudita.


Has that happened yet on Dev side?


@moon9river can you be more specific? I’m not sure which issue you’re referring to.

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Sadly SMS is only one avenue they ( threat actors ) will attempt. Any application or service that can send data similar to SMS will be an avenue they will explore and try to exploit. Please keep in mind that an app can encrypt the data, but if a person " clicks the link " the malware can take the same actions as if it was SMS. This is also horrible 50,000 ft view.

Here are some ways to avoid the vast majority of these threats that will come your way’s and I hope it helps;

  1. Turn on auto update
  2. Ensure you have Anti Virus ( free or paid ) on all devices that connect to the internet
  3. Encrypt your device
  4. Be situationalally ( I have no idea how to spell this word ) aware
  5. Please don’t use free Wifi
  6. Turn off Bluetooth, airplay and location services unless they are needed, then turn them off again.
    7.Don’t trust anything until verified
    This site is a good way to verify,
  7. Please, please use a different password for everything. Password managers like LastPass and KeyPass are a god send for this.

Please let me know if you would like me to expand on anything.

Edit (not sure why the formatting or numbers changed on the published post )

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I don’t know but I think I was referring to this:
“…why some internet based client of Signal or similar service for Mudita.”
…and asking if there was some internet-based client of Signal or a similar service being considered. But honestly at this point I’ll be happy to have it in my hands. I think there’s only so much one can expect haha.

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@moon9river Have you checked out Mudita Space yet? We’re working on some very special :smiley:

I know that this thread is a bit old but I want to share my opinion.
I have concerns about the fact that some forums here on the internet during the registration process ask for your phone number. A couple of times I shared it until the moment when I started to receive scumming calls and SMS messages with a request “Tell us your three-digit code on the other side of your credit card or we, your bank, will block it”. Like, what is the problem?

I do not trust forums. So, basically, instead of my real phone number, I use temporary ones, that are online. Thus, for instance, I used a virtual number for foodpanda verification process via this https://grizzlysms.com/foodpanda website in order to save my personal details… See? I do not trust even to food delivery now, just because I think that companies sometimes share your personal details.