Has anyone with EMF sensitivity tried the Pure vs Light Phone II?

Would love to hear from anyone with EMF sensitivity!

How do you feel using the Pure?

How do you feel using the Light Phone II?

How do you feel using an iPhone?

I am very sensitive to EMF’s. For years I used an iPhone 4, and felt fine. But I do not feel well using newer iPhones. Have not yet tried the Pure or Light Phone, but would love to hear from others who experience similar sensitivities.

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Trying to get my EMF reader this week. Car just broke down so I’ll have to wait for delivery. I’ll update as soon as I can.


Super eager to hear your readings/results, Jose. Thanks so much for doing this. You’re the man!

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Hey Jose! Have you had a chance to try your EMF reader on either the Pure or the LP2? Would love to hear the results of both tests :slight_smile:

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Still in transit for the EMF reader :frowning:

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