Harmony, audible warning for low battery

It’s happened already 3 times so far that I forgot to charge my Harmony, resulting in an empty battery.

Please add a simple audible warning when the battery is low. Eg. one simple beep every 10 minutes.

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@marc67 Thanks for the feedback. I believe there should be a low-batter warning, in addition to the low battery icon on the device. Let me ask our team about this. @aleksandra Can you jump in here & help out?

Problem is, with glasses off and in the dark, that isn’t clearly noticeable. That’s why a (repeated) sound would be better.


Thank you for marking this issue @marc67 It’s a very important information that current battery status is not enough. We will definitely consider it in further plans for changes and updates for this device. I’ll pass it on to the design team and we’ll plan to implement solution to this issue. Thank you for sharing and if you’d have any new feedback then please let us know!