GSM Modem and regional compatibility

Hello people,
I am from Australia and am very interested in a non-smartphone - which naturally leaves very few choices between phones for seniors (large buttons, dedicated emergency pager function) or the kaiOS devices (tried one, did not get on with it).

One of the appeals of the Mudita Pure is the “global GSM module” which apparently works in most markets. Having followed similar projects (Purism Librem 5, and the Light Phone 2) it is a common trap that many boutique manufacturers have fallen into with regards to the regional compatibility. For example the Lightphone 2 was initially promised to work on Telstra (Australia’s largest network), but instead it is only compatible with the Vodafone/Optus one. Further, there were some extra compliance steps the LightPhone 2 team did not take with regards to Telstra (I will try and find the link; it was on their campaign page from a technician who had worked there previously).

I believe the promise of compatibility is made “in good faith”, but the reality is in Aus/NZ, our regulations on electrical, broadcasting and other compliance matters are typically stricter than those in the EU and North American markets.

Thus, I come to you with a request for information specific to the global GSM modem.

Question: Is the modem an off-the-shelf product (ie as the Harman speaker is) and is it possible for Mudita to disclose the model so we can buy with confidence (eg the Purism/Librem 5 followers have identified that an Australian compatible model would need a modem such as the BroadMobi model BM818-T1 as per )

Thanks in advance for anyone who can chime in on this topic. Its nice to see that more options are becoming available aside from the Android/iOS platforms.

Apologies if this is treading old ground, I’m sure the question on regional compatibility is probably a common one, but thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck with the phone development.



Hey @iota,

I’ve spoken to the engineering team and even though they’re incredibly busy at the moment, they’ve managed to help me with the reply below.

I hope it answers your questions!

1. Is the modem an off-the-shelf product?
Yes, it is.

2. Can we disclose the model?
We would rather not do that until the launch of Mudita Pure. The selection of the GSM modem was a significant part of our development process. We can share the information about the supported bands if needed.

3. Australian Telstra compliance?
Right now, we are pursuing the RCM mark for Australia. This mark represents two independent certification schemes: Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) and Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA).

Did you find the link to the extra compliance steps the Light Phone 2 team did not take with regards to Telstra? We’d like to read those.

If you’d like any further information, please let me know.
Have a great day!

Hello Tiffany

Thank you for your detailed response, I appreciate the time you have taken.
If I may follow your order of responses

1. Thank you, this is helpful to know (i.e. already has been tested for reliability in the market to date)

2. I understand. The bands that would be required in Australia would be the following:
3G Bands: B5 (850), B1 (2100) [B8 or 900MHz would also be great]
LTE bands: B28, B3, B7, B1, B8, B40, B5
If all those bands are covered then it would seem that Mudita Pure will be compatible with Australian networks (certification aside).

3. Telstra compliance: I found this document on Telstra:

The fact you are already pursuing RCM mark and ACMA/EESS is basically the exact phrase I was hoping to hear! Do you have an ETA on compliance/certification approval from Telstra?

I have double checked the LightPhone 2 issue and although finding a link to the particular comment is not possible (the lack of 3G 850MHz support and meeting RCM seems to be the issue - its in the comments on from ~27 days ago).

Overall it looks like you are doing all the right thing for the Aus market. I look forward to seeing your info on the band support.

Many thanks for your time!

Hi @anon32618512
Sorry to bug you (no rush on reply) but I was wondering whether you could clarify Q2 and 3 above (Ive listed the bands for Aus) and whether (or when) we will find out about the RCM mark.

It would be very handy to know for people in any region where their market certifications have been met (perhaps in a project update on your crowdfunding sites).

Apologies if the use of the @ function is not appreciated, I’m sure you and your team are busy.