GPS and Ability to have both kinds of phones

I seriously LOVE your concept. I really need to have a GPS in order to buy your phone, though, so I’m excited for a possible next launch.

the other thing is for me, sometimes I need to have a smart phone because of work, etc. I would love the capability to somehow be able to switch between my smart phone and mudita if needed without having to pay for a second line. I would want to keep Mudita as my primary phone but if needed, I still have my smartphone ready to go.

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Hi @Veronica_Grace_Hylak, thank you so much for your kind words, we’re so happy you love the concept of Mudita Pure. However, GPS will not be an option in this device.

Personally, I will be using Mudita Pure as a secondary device and I intend to use the same number as my smartphone (some carriers can provide two SIM cards with the same number) to start with. I’m planning on using Pure as more of a ‘life’ phone as I require my smartphone as my ‘work’ phone. I’m hoping it will help me switch off a little more!


I’d like to make a suggestion!

This is what I’ll be doing once I get my Mudita Pure:

  • Get a Garmin Drive GPS (or similar GPS model).
  • Since we (generally) use GPS when driving, this is a smart/practical/inexpensive way to replace the need for GPS on your phone.

Let me know if you have any questions & I’d love to help.