Gemini:// - A simpler, quieter 'parallel universe' to http:// and https://

A small group of technology enthusiasts are working on stripping back the world wide web to its essence. From the project website:

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

  • Is heavier than gopher
  • Is lighter than the web
  • Will not replace either
  • Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
  • Takes user privacy very seriously

Instead of writing pages in HTML, the protocol specifies “gemtext” markup, which implements a minimalist form of hypertext.

The best way to access gemini:// URLs is to use a special browser, although it’s also possible to view them in the usual Chrome/Edge/Safari/Firefox as http:// using a proxy website. Either way, the user experience feels light, non-intrusive and focussed - very much like how the the web used to be in its infancy. Obviously, being a hobbyist endeavour, the number of Gemini sites is relatively tiny, but since the content is non-commercial and ad-free, it is potentially fun to have a look around.

Despite not wanting to be a serious contenter to the existing web, it is intriguing to think about the possibilities of the Gemini protocol and building content around it. Personally, I think a Gemini browser (online or offline) for the Mudita Pure would be a cool project!

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I don’t think I would want any kind of a web browser on Mudita Pure, but this project looks pretty cool! Maybe it could be available as an unofficial tool/app, as MuditaOS is open-source?

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Agreed, exactly!

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Can we just stop encouraging “feature-creep” for the Mudita Pure?
Simple, clutter-free, no distractions, no “smartphone features”.
I thought the entire project was based on these principles.
If you want a smartphone, buy a smartphone.


@elizabeth Actually, part of the reason I am attracted to this phone is that the OS is open source. Personally, I am very much looking forward to experimenting with the OS and I wouldn’t consider the ability for some folks to be able to experiment as a detriment to others. Rather, it would seem that because the OS is open source it makes it less likely for the base system to suffer from what you describe as feature creep. In that regard, I think Mudita have made a smart decision for catering for different groups of users.


@elizabeth I agree with you 100%! I think the more people try to expand on Mudita Pure is meant to be, the less meaningful & intentional it becomes. However, I do understand what @brickfan2020 is getting at- Mudita Pure means different things to different people & if you can use it in a way that in intentional FOR YOU- then go for it.


I think it’s ok for people to have opinions and desires. Mudita knows what its mission is! :slight_smile:

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As Mudita OS is open source, anyone can customize the phone’s software to their liking (which is amazing in my opinion). But as far as I know, Pure will never have an app store and will not support installing external apps by default, so only basic functionality will remain for people who want it that way.

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@john_dumpling I think the goal is to allow people to contribute to the development of Mudita Pure & to work with the community to see what best works for them. As you know, we value your ideas & we actually implement suggestions.

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With that in mind, a qwerty keyboard would be GOLD :pray:. Maybe in the near future?

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Gemini is great.
This is why we want tethering :heart:

So we can go on Gemini on our computers (and then unplug and take a break from Gemini and meditate in nature or something).

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