Future versions of Mudita Pure?

Have there been any talks of a low SAR smart(er) version of the Pure, like a model that expands the functionality of the phone but still excludes the unnecessary i.e. games, social media etc? It would be great if we could see an e-ink phone that has the same ultra-low SAR rating but has the TOOLS that make a smartphone useful like navigation, camera, access to USEFUL apps, & maybe a restricted version of a web browser that would allow one to look up information while on the go etc.

It could be designed around its usefulness as a low SAR digital TOOL that discourages distraction rather than how great the color resolution is or the amount of silly selfie filters it has . In my opinion this would be excellent!


This is just not the right class of device to run those kinds of things. You can do what you want with an Android phone and a restricted launcher or ROM or Wisephone. Mudita had a beta for their own Android restricted launcher I think. I have not tried it.

Not sure about SAR ratings but I figure keeping connected on LTE or Wifi would increase SAR considerably? Not sure.


@rm8791, I love this idea! I’m not sure if you have come across this but if you go to Mudita’s webpage and click to the “Products” page and scroll down a bit, they have a concept image of what looks like a smartphone-like device with the words “next steps.” It might be too literal of an interpretation to assume a smarter device might be in the works but fingers crossed!

@rm8791 I think the device you are looking for, is the Lightphone 2.
This device was also one of the ones I had been considering, but I am currently favouring the Mudita because:

  • Battery life
  • Physical buttons
  • I prefer local software rather than “software as a service”, and I don’t like having to sign-in to things just to do basic tasks.*

If Mudita do produce a “smarter” device, I hope that they continue to offer it with those features.

As a side-note, one of the drawbacks of “smarter” devices is that everyone’s idea of the essential features is different, and this contributes to requirements-creep. For instance, I would consider a 2FA authenticator almost a necessity now, and I’d love a Keepass-compatible password-safe too; other people think a podcasts or navigation app is essential. Some people believe WhatsApp is essential, whilst others would believe it of primary importance that WhatsApp is never “contaminating” the phone. I think, as inconvenient as it is, Mudita’s approach to minimalism is the healthiest I’ve seen so far in these sorts of devices. That said, I think the Lightphone 2 really has it close to the perfect functionality in a “smarter” device, if that’s what you’re after.

*Mudita Center runs locally on your computer, and interacts with the phone via a cable. If support ended for the Pure, or Mudita ceased operations, it would still function perfectly well. When you use the computer to manage the Lightphone, you have to use Lightphone’s web interface, which presumably beams your interactions to the Lightphone over the internet, which of course relies on Lightphone continuing to support your device for as long as you own it.


Light may be developing a desktop solution as well :wink:

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@Jose_Briones Just like Mudita Center?

Similar to it. But it won’t be out for a while.

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