Future of relying on a smartphone to access services in a society

The last4 or 5 years has really sped up the requirement of smartphone apps to access services in our society. Public transports, parking, post & parcel, bank services, home food delivery, and the list continues… There are still ways to access some services without a smartphone if you dont mind the extra effort, but what about 5 years from now? Or 10?
What do you think?


I think it will still be possible to access basic services without a smartphone or internet connection, although it will be a less comfortable option. But I will still prefer not using my smartphone as I believe you shouldn’t need a smartphone to participate in society!


You can count me as part of the “resistance” to this trend. As long as enough of us challenge governments and companies to provide alternative means to access services, there will be alternatives to smartphones for this access.


I am actually thinking about the same idea: to connect real phone numbers to the user account and then to provide access to multiple services of boosting in the World of Warcraft game set up by me.

For instance, I am thinking about an idea to create a special currency called “gears”. For this currency people (users) may buy things in the wow us game. But firstly, I am going to establish system of earning these “gears” – for forum posts, helping newbies or even as a donation.

In my future plans: mobile application.

Why am I sharing with you my thoughts? Well, it is just a couple of ideas I am dreaming of implementing. Because it is true, that social applications become our reality. The question is: what is the percent of safety there?

Phones like Mudita Pure, Punkt MP02, and LightPhone 2 are popular. They also all have hotspot functionality allowing for the use of something like a tablet to access the digital world. Additionally, one could simply use a laptop. Modern Apple M1 machines can run phone/tablet apps, Windows 11 can run Android apps, and more importantly, most of the “apps” out there also have websites with identical (if not greater) functionality. The primary issue will be that smartphone apps are simply more convenient than most alternatives.

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From what I have read, the Mudita Pure will NOT have Wi-Fi “hotspot” functionality. Instead, the Pure will let you USB-tether it to your computer for Internet access.

That should still work for an iPad with a USB dongle and/or any laptop running a relatively recent operating system, and therefore the point still stands. I do take your point though.


The only thing I’ve seen that are essential (for me) in a phone are QR codes for covid check in tracing, and authentication apps for 2 factor authentication.

Everything else is either desktop computer or possible without tech.

I’ve no doubt more will be added in coming years but I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming into the techopalypse.

I’m lucky to live in a small state. I can get away without maps or weather or banking apps because everything is close.