Frequency of updates?

I was just curious if it’s ever been mentioned how often Mudita plans on sending out updates?
Seeing as this phone doesn’t have internet I find it pretty absurd that there’s a day one update I’ll need to download to fix the phones audio quality.
I don’t have internet at my home and was looking for a phone to further disconnect from anything online but I’m slightly getting the impression I will need to update the phone frequently because of bugs that haven’t been worked out before shipping to customers.


@cazz The Mudita Pure updates are done via Mudita Center, and they will need an internet connection to be installed. You can use your Mudita Pure to tether to your laptop/computer in order to update your phone. As for the frequency, it’s very hard to determine how often. We are constantly working to improve MuditaOS & we are always looking to expand features & UX based on feedback that we receive from users. For example, if you guys let us know that something is important/ necessary we definitely take everything into consideration. So as things move forward, we will be releasing new updates.


Thank you urszula for responding to me! Looking forward to getting my phone and I’m sure I’ll find a good way of keeping it updated for the future.

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@cazz Think of the updates as a way that YOU are part of the development of Mudita Pure.

Well, you have a point there of course - but, the whole operating system was written “from scratch” on top of freertos, so I’d expect regular updates for the operating system in the beginning to fix stuff that comes up when lots of people use the phone/software for the first time. Once the basics work as intended, I think there will still be updates, but more in terms of workflow improvements or new features in the apps. Personally, I see that as an advantage to most other dumphones, because bugs will have the chance to be ironed out over time and (sensible) features will be introduced. Because it’s open source, everyone can participate in that - one of the main reasons for me to buy this phone :wink: