First Steps with Mudita Products


I am new here and joined to share my experience with Mudita products.

First of all, I would like to thank Mudita for its choice to produce products that are so out of the ordinary. They are fantastic at least for me, most people call me crazy. How can you live with so much restraint? My answer is easy ‘better’.

I currently own a Mudita Bell and a Mudita Pure and soon a Mudita Moment.

I get on very well with the alarm clock, the volume is very high and the ‘amber’ light is very pleasant. I soon got used to it and am very happy with it.

With the Pure I also feel great, I was a bit hesitant about buying it at first. Reading the articles in this forum that were very discordant made me not want to buy it.

After reading the product’s technical data sheet I asked myself these questions:

How can I overcome the low reception of the LOW-SAR Antenna?
Simple by not subscribing from second-tier companies (o2 - Vodafone). Here in Germany it is known that o2 and Vodafone do not enjoy good mobile signal reception, so it would have been stupid to subscribe to one of these operators. So I opted for T-Mobile and with the Pure I don’t have any signal problems. I live in a rural area a long way from the city centre and my Pure never has any problems with reception, except in the woods but my wife’s Iphone doesn’t get a signal there either.

The software seems immature, how can I solve it?
I saw Jose’s online review (go on you’re great) and read the comments and wondered if anyone had ever tried a 1.x version system. I started with the first Android, Sailfish os, iOS etc… and they weren’t great. I remember android crashed and clicked in a scary way, read the Release Notes of the first iOS, Apple itself took years to implement many basic functions. Now if Apple and Google with billions of investments and hundreds of programmers took years to make a working system, how can you expect something like this from Mudita? We must not forget that they are starting from scratch, and they do this in Europe where there are other rules to follow… but that is another discussion.

Clearly there are Compromises to be made. So I tried to make up for the lack of a calendar with a pocket diary, and for Group messages I use the Mudita Centre, write the Message, copy and paste it into the next contact and send it.

The only problem I´ve had is driving me crazy. The knocking during a call, 1 you don´t see who called while you´re on the phone 2 the Pure hangs up by itself after a while. I deactivated the function using an operator code and from there I haven’t had any more problems.

The Pure is a good basic phone, the battery lasts 3 to 5 days, the design is spectacular (everyone asks me what phone it is), E-Ink Display, USB-C etc, but most importantly I now have a lot of free hours that I can invest in family and hobbies. Before the Pure I tried everything from Nokia (dump Phone) to modified Android (no Store and Web Browser) but none of them fully satisfied me.

I would like to beg Mudita not to abandon Mudita OS and to continue the development even if it is energy-consuming. I saw that you were looking for ideas for future phones and I voted for a Mudita Pure 2, LOW-SAR etc… because I find the other solutions unwise. There are too many Android (and derivatives), Punkt and light phone in my opinion are not examples to follow, and doing better is not difficult but not useful either.

I would like to remind you that this is only my opinion, and I hope I have not offended anyone’s sensibilities.

Thank you for reading, best regards.

I apologise in advance, I am a native Italian speaker and I use translation software to communicate in English.