Finally it works (Pure)

After months of being unused on my drawer I tried to use my pure again and to my surprise it works and LTE Signal is 2-3 bars indoor and 3-4 bars outdoors and it still loses signal but in areas where signal is already weak and Amy other phone loses signals there as well
The only problem is that volte is not togglable in settings even so my operator supports VOLTE …
I did create a pull request to add support for my operator to enable VOLTE and I hope it get merged

The only bug I found is that during a call when someone tries to call me , I can hear the awaiting tone but no unification about a missed call
I did report that
USSD codes works but not 100% of times , sometimes not working and I think because of a timeout as it tries to switch beteween 3g and 4g
My salute to the devs and I hope they enable VOLTE soon in EGYPT
I know Egypt is not certified but I can confirm it works very well with 2 out of 4 operators here


@Amr_Osman Thank you so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it. I’m actually looking into a vacation in Mars Alam this winter, so it’s good to know that my Pure will work.

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make sure you get Orange or Vodafone operator as WE and Etisalat Drops signal,
and I wish you a happy vacation here. and that might give the Devs the reason to support VOLTE so Miss @urszula can enjoy a better call quality .


Signal indicator indoor is 3 bars and stable not drops as it used to be
VOLTE and custom ring tones would be a plus


I second @urszula : we’re so happy your experience with Pure got better @Amr_Osman
Hopefully it will support your efforts to live a balanced life on your rules (and not the ones of a smartphone :wink: )
Please remember to keep your Pure’s software up to date :trophy: