Feature Idea: Multiple Alarms on Mudita Harmony

Hey Mudita community!

We have been loving our Mudita Harmony. Just one thing, me and my partner have different work schedules. (I get up at 9, he gets up at 5) and I am always worried if he will forget to reset the alarm in the morning. The ability to set two separate alarms would be so helpful for us!! Any chance that’s a work in the process?


Hello @sanehome thank you for your post! I believe someone has already mentioned the need for two separate alarms. We always note all suggestions to our products and we review them in our Design Team. Thank you for mentioning it, it’s a feedback for us it’s an important feature and we should take a closer look into it. We do have a backlog of new functions and features to implement so we won’t be able to just add it to the nearest release but we’ll try to give it a higher priority :relaxed: Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, glad you like your Mudita Harmony!