Extra Low Radiation Setting!

I have a very simple idea which could be implemented through the Mudita Pure’s settings.
It goes like this: “Disable Cellular Communication when cell strength is below: 5 Bars, 4 Bars, 3 Bars, 2 Bars”.
As most people reading this are probably aware, the farther you are from a cell tower, the more radiation your phone emits to reach the tower. This setting would effectively allow users to lower the phones highest potential radiation at the cost of cellular range. It could also be a way for users to conserve battery.


Our patented antenna solves this issue. If you’d like more information as well as the results of our tests, I’d be happy to send them to you.


I think I understand. When I read about the band-switching, I assumed it was mainly for congestion on certain frequencies. So now I’m assuming the trade-off has already been made but with bandwidth instead of range. Part of my new assumption is that as you get farther away from the tower, the phone will use lower frequencies at the same power(since lower frequencies go farther or at-least through things more easily but also are capable of less bandwidth). And if all this is the case, you’ve probably optimized the modem to work as best as it can on a constant amount of power, making the issue a non-issue because there is an assumedly similar amount of radiation emitted at all times(if this is already said in the patent feel free to tell me, but I couldn’t find it).

Also, if the phone uses a directional antenna(avoiding the head), are there any expected issues with a changing orientation of the phone causing it to change cell towers all the time or will buildings and walls help reflect the signal regardless of orientation?

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Thank you for your question @anthony. The output power from the modem depends on the type of generation and the power on the modem. We dismissed and screened a field close to the head. Changing the frequency depending on the distance from the station will not increase the power on the modem, for as long as possible. As for the range, we are still testing this, but thanks to the change to 2G in places where other phones without 2G do not have coverage, we are able to establish a connection.

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