Ever considered a stacked acrylic case for the Mudita Pure phone?

I really feel sorry for the Mudita Pure phone team with the incurred market introduction delay due to enclosure mould issues. As an electronic engineer, I know all too well that “hardware is hard.”

However, I was wondering: Has Mudita ever considered a Pure phone version with a stacked acrylic case?

Acrylic, perspex or plexi glass is easy to laser cut, glue and it can be drilled and milled with the right tools to contain gaskets. It is naturally transparent, comes in many colours and is exceptionally strong. With some ingenuity and perhaps stacking a rubber layer, I am pretty sure you would be able to design a water resistant case for the Mudita Pure phone without a need for many PCB modifications.

For sure, you would not be winning (the same kind of) design awards. On the other hand, time to market would be significantly reduced; which is important to any startup company.

I am confident a significant portion of your potential customers would actually prefer the sturdiness and water resistance of an acrylic case over the looks of the current case design. You would be able to sell these customers an acrylic phone on a short notice and thereby starting to receive a cash flow.

Furthermore, a stacked acrylic case with sunken screws would render the phone easily serviceable. I certainly would not mind having to unscrew a few quality stainless steel in bus bolts to replace the battery, SD or SIM card. Bolt heads at the bottom may even double up as protective feet.

Here are some design ideas (some nice, other ugly) from other existing products:


@serge I think at this point in time it would be difficult to make that switch. However, I will definitely keep this in mind.

Fair point. However, I had already thought about a name for it:
The Early Adopters Edition.

Anyhow, do not forget to mention it to your technical team & marketing.

I am convinced there is a market for this. I have seen this before with a number of crowdfunded projects and other startups.

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How would acrylic compare in terms of weight? Knowing that I’m already an ass, I assume based on next to nothing that it’d be heavier? :-p

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Yes, it would be heavier, if not only because you would be using a higher volume of this material because of the way sheet stacking works.

However, it would still be very manageable. After all, it remains a polymer. A machined aluminium case would be much heavier for the same amount of bulk.

Now, what one would get in return for the added weight, would be an almost indestructible phone. Acrylic is the same material that is used to make the windows of aquariums and those of underwater restaurants…

Yeah, aquariums were why I said “next to nothing” instead of “nothing”. :wink:

“Nigh indestructible” is certainly an argument that speaks to me…

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