Estimated shipping if I preorder TODAY 2/24/2022 to USA?

Looking into buying the multida pure phone, but wonder when estimated shipping is since it says community pre order. Any estimate would greatly be appreciated as I am extremely interested.

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I’d say 4 months from now if things continue at the pace they have been. I believe Mudita will ramp up their production, but 4 months should be a fairly good estimate where things stand today.

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We’re still waiting on a definite shipping schedule for the original backers. One was supposed to be provided earlier this week, not sure what happened with that…

Once we see that schedule, it would probably be easier to gauge new orders.


When I ordered they were supposed to ship 10 months ago in April 2021, and then it got pushed back to shipping 3 months ago in November 2021. We have heard next to nothing since then. I don’t anticipate getting my phone anytime soon. If you ordered today I wouldn’t expect you to get it for another 6 months at least. Definitely don’t order expecting any concrete shipping timeline.

I would recommend you wait to order until you see people actually start getting their phones in their hands and start posting about them.