Esim and iMessage

Hello. Is there any chance to use esim in Mudita phone? I want to use Mudita as main phone but still want to receive iMessages

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Keep your iPhone on WiFi? I am unsure as to why you would not get iMessages if you keep your iPhone on WiFi. Or are you saying you want to use duplicate numbers on two phones?


@Grzegorz_Staszak Mudita Pure does not support eSim. Are you looking to use the same number on both phones? If that’s the reason, then look into SIM card cloning.

Sadly eSIM needs special itegrated curcuits to make it work. Imagine it being like a chip that can be reprogrammed to be a different SIM card if needed.

eSIM seems quite niche to be honest. But it’s probably easier if you put your main SIM into Mudita and use the eSIM on the iPhone (the other way around :wink: ). Only iPhone XS and above have eSIM support (depends on country).

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Pure txt is pure data. What more can you ask for ?

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