E ink vs eye strain

As a person who suffers from eye strain, I often have to take scheduled breaks from screen time, otherwise, it just becomes too uncomfortable. I’m really excited about Mudita’s e ink display because even when I need to use technology, I can avoid visual stress. In our latest blog post, The Eyestrain Debate, we discuss the strain LCD/LED screens put on our eye & how e ink might be an alternative for some screen time activities. I’m curious about our community members’ experience with E ink. Has it helped reduce eye strain?


Great article. I read on an E ink e-reader and it really helps. I used to have an ipad but it was just too much for my eyes.


@blurmoon Welcome to the community. Thanks for the feedback. Check out my latest article about Unplugged offline activities & let me know what you think.


I try to minimize how much I look at a screen before bed. I watched a documentary recently that said that you should avoid blue light exposure at least 2 hours before bed. That seems a little extreme if you ask me. But what do I know.


@kullenm I think we watched the same documentary. Was it the DW one on sleep? I watched it over the weekend.

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I am reading so much things that are only available through my computer (research papers and things like this blog article) so that I wish there was a nice, easy and fast option to just drop them on the e-reader. I have a system setup where I can individually pick a PDF and read it there, but it involves several steps:

If it is a web-page, I have to increase the font-size, print it as PDF and then copy it to a certain directory on my PC and then I can download it from my e-reader with the out-dated web-browser. If the article is about the average length then the process could take longer than the actual reading. You can imagine, that I don’t do this very often.

If it is a reaserch paper, it is already PDF and I cannot increase font-size or reformat it from A4 to A5, so I am stuck reading it in landscape mode on the e-reader. But mostly it starts with the abstract and sometime I read only parts of it. Again, the effort of moving it to the e-reader is mostly just too much.

But when I read there it is very pleasent, even if the font-size is reduced a bit from what would be possible on the large PC-screen. I cannot personally report eye strain, because I have set the color-temperature to 6000K. It is more the difference compared to the natural lighting that seperates it for me and the distance. But the distance-problem also applies to the e-reader. The only way to relaxe my tired eyes is to stop reading, closing eyes and watch out of the window for a brief moment. Sometimes, increasing the font-size, using an optimized font for people with bad sight (I am wearing glasses) and not focusing helps, too.

Luckily, I read novels from paper books, I never got into this e-book thing, despite having an e-reader. I read only one novel on it which was already there and unfortunatly not a good story. ^^

Having e-ink on the phone will be very good for me.


@poinck I don’t know what it is about REAL books- the smell, the touch or the crinkle of the page, that keeps me loyal to the actual book. I was never a fan of the e book reader.