E ink vs eye strain

As a person who suffers from eye strain, I often have to take scheduled breaks from screen time, otherwise, it just becomes too uncomfortable. I’m really excited about Mudita’s e ink display because even when I need to use technology, I can avoid visual stress. In another blog post, The Eyestrain Debate, we discuss the strain LCD/LED screens put on our eye & how e ink might be an alternative for some screen time activities. I’m curious about our community members’ experience with E ink. Has it helped reduce eye strain?


@blurmoon Welcome to the community. Thanks for the feedback. Check out my latest article about Unplugged offline activities & let me know what you think.


I try to minimize how much I look at a screen before bed. I watched a documentary recently that said that you should avoid blue light exposure at least 2 hours before bed. That seems a little extreme if you ask me. But what do I know.


@kullenm I think we watched the same documentary. Was it the DW one on sleep? I watched it over the weekend.


@poinck I don’t know what it is about REAL books- the smell, the touch or the crinkle of the page, that keeps me loyal to the actual book. I was never a fan of the e book reader.


I have a Kobo ereader with Pocket. It’s a great way to bypass lots of transfer actions to bring content on eink screens. However, for PDFs, still need to transfer the file.
But for articles, blog posts, and other text heavy elements Pocket is a great solution. I don’t know if many other ereaders have that.


You forgot to mention in the article that basically ALL phones with AMOLED screens have really low PWM flickering value (usually around 240Hz) which easily causes eye strain. IPS screens usually don’t have it and the ones that have, they have the higher more tolerable PWM flickering value (2500Hz on average). You can catch that flickering on camera easily. It’s effect is like someone turns light off & on 240 times in a second. Of course that it’s going to hurt your eyes.

PWM flickering phones & laptops list:

Why PWM flickering causes eye strain:

You can also promote no PWM flickering as E-Ink doesn’t have it to the specifications page for the users who have sensitive eyes.

No PWM flickering + no blue light emission display is the perfect combination for pain-free viewing experience.


Good point! But the article you mentioned doesn’t explain why exactly the PWM causes eye strain and headache. So, I’d recommend to read this article to have a better idea of what’s going on in reality.

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