E ink Tablet/ Typewriter

This looks so good! What do you guys think of it? Does anyone here use an eInk tablet? What’s your experience?


I own a ReMarkable tablet and I really enjoy it. I had the 1st iteration and I enjoy the design improvements of the 2nd version. I don’t think that I will invest in the keyboardfolio because it sort of brings the device outside of the space of my needs but I do love the device overall. Not the best for epubs but terrific for pdfs and they are FINALLY listening to feedback. MyDeepGuide is a youtube channel that really goes into serious depth on eink tablets including the ReMarkable.



That looks good, but it says on their web site that transferring files between the tablet and a PC via USB cable is only “experimental” and not fully implemented. It looks like they are really trying to push users down the path of subscribing to a cloud service to synchronise files between the tablet and the PC. Looks like no Linux support either. :frowning:

If the tablet came with nice stylish USB dock and some software to sync it to my Linux PC, I might be interested.


The remarkable tablet looks really good. The price point is not too bad. I would be keen to try it.


This looks really good.

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Thank you!


@urszula It’s awesome!

I own a reMarkable 2 tables and use it almost daily for taking notes. I find it easy to use. You can choose different types of templates like US Legal. You can choose different kinds of pens and set the thickness. And it really has the feeling of writing on paper. If you write on a regular tablet the surface is usually too smooth. I also like the idea that the company behind it develops their own software which is running on Codex, a custom Linux-based OS, not just another Android system. And they’re updating the software rather often continuously improving something, but also add new features every now and then.

What I miss a bit is connectivity to open source cloud software such as NextCloud. Also, I’d like to have the ability to flip the sides so the bar on left-side can be used for holding the reMarkable 2 with your right hand when writing with your left.


I love the idea of a remarkable with keyboard! I have already bought the type folio and will get a remarkable next week for my birthday (And a mudita moment I think!).

I’m very much looking forward to undistracted writing. I have been curious about the freewrite traveller for the exact same reason but was held back by the fact that it wouldn’t have a nordic keyboard and the expanse of it. The remarkable with keyboard will work so much better for me. It has a nordic keyboard and for about the same price you get something that looks so much better and also has the ability of handwriting and reading books/pdf.