E-ink alternative world

I think E-ink is one of the most important invenstions of IT industry. For sure one of the most useful. For me Mudita originally was the most interesting phone on the market because of e-ink display. However, I was not able to use in any way because of so many defects so I returned it back.
Still, I am staying within E-ink world.
I would like to draw your attention to E-Ink tablets. I think they may be game changers if they continue to develop features. I do not mean laptop-like features but thing which bring them closer to the blank sheet of paper giving digital freedom at the same time.
I have been using Norwegian brand Remarkable2 E-Ink tablet for 2 months now and it just exceeds my expectations which happens really seldom in my case.
There is a great boost in my productivity at work, huge time saving when learning from books and articles. The information is under digital control but it looks like a paper.
I hope there will be more high quality brands on the market to bring more competition but more importantly to show alternative for lcd displays and “traditional” digital devices.
Actually, Mudita should do this job in the area of smartphones. The message however, is very much related to product quality so there is much work to do.