Dumb my iPad - Mindful iPad

Does anyone have suggestions/links/videos to make an ipad as close to dumb as possible? Haha, I mean, stripped down of things I don’t want, untraceable and un-trackable (unless i want it to be), etc. i feel like just toggling settings off doesn’t ACTUALLY turn off that stuff, like gps, but maybe it does. anyways just looking for a resource from the ‘mindful’ community. thanks!

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I guess the best thing to recommend would be to just only install apps that you need, beyond that there’s not much that you can do because the iPad is inherently not a very minimalist device

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yeah, there is no tablet that’s been approached that way, that i can find. that’s the problem. this is for my wife who recently got off the smartphone train but really wants something for the gym. she has workouts and stuff on there she takes around, with a specific app (that i believe the pinetab doesn’t support). other than that, she’s never been happier. anyways, thanks for the tip!

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@joel Last year, I wrote a blog about turning a smartphone into a feature phone.

I’m not an Apple user, so I based my knowledge on Android phones- however, it may help. It may give you a starting point.