Doing a giveaway of dumbphones

Eventually, I’ll give away 1 Mudita (once it is released). For now, I have a lot of dumbphones from my reviews and want to share them with the community!
More details here: (subscribe and fill the form, no need to purchase nothing)

If you are looking to get away from your phone, this is a free chance :slight_smile:


@Jose_Briones Great idea for people who may need some time to transition to a distraction-free phone. Going cold-turkey may be hard for some people.

@Jose_Briones Here’s a little list, I put together:

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Cool! My friend Laurence is an advocate of swapping smartphone for simplephone one-week-a-month -> FirstWeek flipPhone: The Smartphone Detox Challenge


Thanks for sharing that, @Jasraj_Hothi! This reminds me of podcaster Dave Rubin, who has been undergoing what he calls a “digital detox” every August for the past four years.

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I saw his YouTube page. Cool project!

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