Does Mudita Pure PU01 exist?

I see a Mudita Pure on eBay, but name is Mudita Pure PU01,
Mudita Pure PU01 is Mudita Pure?

one more things, I want to buy a Mudita Pure on eBay,So I want to konw more about it?


@oyster Thanks for reaching out with your question. Do you happen to have the link to the auction. I just want to make sure someone is selling a REAL Mudita Pure & not a knock off.

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@urszula link: Mudita Pure PU01 White 16GB Unlocked Check IMEI Open Box | eBay

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@oyster This is a Mudita Pure. This seller had 3 of them and sold all of them. PU01 is a reference in the certification documentation, so of you see that, it’s our device.

but it is missing logo on back cover ??? @urszula

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I have one for sale. DM me

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@Amr_Osman I think it just might be the way the picture was taken. I would definitely ask for more pix, but it does look legit.