Does Mudita prey on people’s lack of scientific knowledge?

I know it’s a bit of a weird question but there are so many products which exist because people don’t know enough about a subject and companies take advantage of that. I want to know if I can trust Mudita.


It’s not a weird question at all. You definitely have the right to wonder whether or not you can trust a company. I have some experience with this subject and I trust that what Mudita are trying to achieve is genuine. They seem to be posting a lot of content on their blog, so that’s a nice place to start.

In 2011, radiofrequency electromagnetic fields were classified as a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), suggesting that the low levels of radiation from mobile phones could have cancer-causing effects.

Mudita have a resource section and there’s also this website on mobile radiation, although they should probably update it I think.


Thanks @EMFAlbert, looks like I need to do some reading up! :sweat_smile:


Hi @Madga, if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the forum or via email. We understand that in a world of fake news, it can be hard to know if companies are trustworthy. As @EMFAlbert mentioned, the resource section should help and we will be adding more to it soon. There are also several blog posts which you might find interesting.


How can people confirm you are not selling their data if you got a propietary OS that is not OpenSource?


Selling data is not part of our business in any way, shape or form, we’re not using Android or iOS (keyboard leaks with iOS 13 for example), we aren’t Google or Facebook, we’re a new kind of tech company. That’s the point. Mudita Pure doesn’t have an Internet browser, how are we going to sell cookies etc. if they don’t exist? You don’t need to log in or sign up to use Pure, you can just use it.

We want people to spend more time offline.


As part of my work i need to carry two smartphones at almost any time, and ive noticed that my private smartphone was causing muscle pains, and weakness in the specific area where it usually was. Its much lighter, and thinner than my business phone, however it has Bluetooth and data transmission enabled at all times.
The other thing is that muscle pains fade/are reduced almost immediately after either getting my smartphone out of the pocket, or turning BT, and data off, so its either me being super sensitive, or the point of the phones creators is somewhat plausible.


Smartphones, especially bluetooth, WiFi, and 5G definitely have massive impacts on human health that the general population will probably not even begin to recognize until many years from now, although the effects are well-documented and clear if you do some investigation and maintain an open mind. I am highly sensitive to EMFs and all types of energetic radiation and experience the effects firsthand on a regular basis. My mood and personality can change after a few hours sitting in WiFi or in areas with dense radiation, like cities - my hands swell up and feel burnt from the inside - my fingers ache and get sensitive to the touch to the point where they sometimes become unusable or I have to stop working - I get ADHD symptoms and can’t seem to sit still - all kinds of things. It sucks, but it’s real. Some people don’t experience symptoms, but they are still being affected and their symptoms show up in other ways, or over a longer period of time, like developing cancer or sensitivity in the area where they keep their phone, etc.

Very serious stuff - I hope that we take a closer look at these issues globally, because it will become one of the biggest issues we face collectively in the coming years … and it impacts animals and plants, too (that means the health of the food we eat, both animal and plant sources, which impacts our health a second time, also!) - and oxygen (ability for our lungs to uptake the oxygen we breathe), and water’s bioavailability to the human body (ability to be hydrated by the water we drink).