Do either of the alarm clocks allow for a 'random' alarm sound?

I love the slow, peaceful alarm chimes. I am curious if it is possible to set either of the clocks so that the alarm sound you hear each day is different (cycling through all of them in a random order)?

There have been studies that show using the same sound every day builds a negative relationship with waking up as the sound itself becomes kind of a “mood trigger”. So changing up sounds frequently helps keep you feeling fresh each day.

The similarly marketed OneClock does this exactly.

Thank you for your time!


@textbook_quest REALLY great question! I have reached out to our team for some feedback & I will get back to you with an answer.

@textbook_quest Get ready for THIS! I think this is the fastest response I’ve received from the developers. They responded & said it a very good suggestion, that we decided to add it to the development plan of the alarm clock and implement it, if not in the release, in one of the first software updates Mudita Harmony will receive. YAY for YOU! This is exactly why I love this FORUM. You guys bring the ideas & we deliver!



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That is incredible!!

I’m assuming this would only be a thing for the Harmony - not the Bell? Or is it for both? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@textbook_quest I think Mudita Harmony would be the easiest to try at first.

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