Difference between Mudita and classic prepaid phone?

Hi there! I was wondering what the differences are between a classic prepaid phone and Mudita. For now the differences I see is the beautiful design… and what else will be there?


Hi @Annebel_Soer, welcome to the forum and thank you for your question. Mudita Pure is an alternative to similar devices. Our extensive battery life, global GSM and ultralow SAR value set us apart from the rest. Not to mention our incredible proprietary OS, MuditaOS, is exceptional in comparison to the operating systems of other feature phones. The full list of features will be revealed first to subscribers of our newsletter.

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Hello there !
Will the Mudita phone be made with plastic ?


Hi @Jeff, a final decision has not yet been made regarding the specific material we will use to make Mudita Pure. This is an important issue, so we will be revealing more information about all of the materials used at a later date.