Desktop App & Tethering on Linux Phone?

In addition to the Mudita Pure, I have been exploring Linux mobile phone options such as the Librem 5 and F(x)tec Pro1x. Both of these phones offer full convergence, meaning they can be connected to an external monitor and used as a desktop computer.

If MuditaOS has a desktop app for Linux, I am wondering if that app could be installed on a linux phone and used on that device. In theory I suppose this is possible, and I really hope it is! In addition to that, I bet the desktop tethering could also work, seeing as Linux, even on mobile devices, is essentially a desktop operating system.

Any words on this are appreciated . Thank you.


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Hi @devin
The desktop app is an Electron app (distributed in the AppImage format on Linux), so if it will be able to launch on a selected Linux phone then it might work. However, we haven’t tested that and won’t be able to do this soon. Hope this helps!


Thanks for responding! Yes I expected I would have more exploration to do on my own. If I discover anything conclusive I will share it here :slight_smile:


Is it for intel linux laptops only or will it work on arm laptops such as the pinebook pro i have

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It’s an Electron app so it should work on any machine that has a desktop environment and supports JavaScript. I hope this helps!

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yes helps a lot i will be all set to use it then

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Great! thanks for sharing.

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