Components and source info

I’ve been looking over the source code and just wanted to verify some parts of the design, so I don’t delve into the technical details of the wrong components.

  • CPU used is i.MX RT1051
  • CPU and memory layout compatible with IMXRT1050-EVKB
    • NOR flash via flexSPI to CPU (bootloader? execute in place)
    • adds EEPROM is M24256 via I2C to CPU (purpose?)
    • adds eMMC (primary OS and user storage?)
  • Cellular module is Quectel LTE EG-25G via UART (+ GPIOs) to CPU
  • eInk display is ED028TC1 (480x600 pixels of 4-bit monochrome) via SPI to CPU
  • some bluetooth module via UART
  • other boring components

I’ve also noticed “fsl” is everywhere in low level parts of the source code. Is this short for “Freescale Semicondutor Library”?

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Here are the latest Tech Specs:
And yes fsl stands for exactly that :slight_smile:

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