Commitment to the environment and sustainability

When the current global situation disrupted our supply chain & everyone was scrambling to get their hands on necessary products, perhaps we were not actively focusing on reducing our environment impact- We just needed some toilet paper :slight_smile:
In a recent post on our blog, we discuss simple steps we can take in order to reduce our carbon footprint & lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, no matter what’s going on in the world.
What are some things you have done to during these unprecedented times in order to stay eco-friendly? Let us know if the comments below.

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We subscribe to Ecologi. They’re a a fantastic not-for-profit that allows individuals, households, and businesses to offset their carbon emissions in really cost effective ways. Mudita could make an account, have their emissions calculated, and offset the carbon emissions for less than a round of coffees per month. You can also track your trees, and even get GPS coordinates for them to visit should you wish. All of their impact data is open and you can see where every penny is spent.