Cloudbased Storage

When it comes to technology, most of our community members are very interested in security as well as privacy.
The need for increased data storage is becoming quite popular. However with services such as Google Drive, iCloud & Dropbox, there is an increased concern about security & privacy. How many of you use those services? Are there alternatives which are more secure and value privacy above profits? Do you have any favorites? What do you like/hate about the service you use?


I use NordLocker because I also use NordVPN. It has end-to-end encryption & I like the way it’s intentional storage. Google drive concerns me because of its seamless integration. It’s just into everything that you have. All your data- photos, email, contacts. It’s just too invasive for me.


@parmin Thanks for the recommendation. Is there anything you don’t like about it?


I currently use OneDrive and I try to not publish any extremely sensitive documents or photos on it. I have the Premium plan with 1TB of storage space, which comes for “free” with my Office 365 subscription. I use it mainly as a backup, but as I’m slowly moving away from the Big Tech companies, I will eventually delete my account and only use an external SSD.


@urszula thank you very much for bringing this interesting topic up. I am a Security Engineer by trade and have been trying to find alternatives to Gdrive, Onedrive, etc… for a while now that are actually privacy focused and secure (which lead me to Mudita’s door and purchase of the device in a roundabout kind of way ) .

One of the major hurdles you will face can be boiled down to where the servers are located. Should the servers be stored ( the cloud is usually globally stored ) in the US, China, Russia, UK, etc… I would not hesitate to say that there is no right to privacy from the government or the business owner there. In saying all that, you can argue on the encryption used, the compliance model they follow, their patching cycle, etc… but at the end of the day there really isn’t a really good privacy/security platform that would meet peoples needs like OneDrive, Gdrive, etc. People should also keep in mind that we are just products to be monetized.

However, @parmin brought up a really good point in regards to using NordLocker and Nordvpn ( my preferred personal use VPN ). Storing your data using encryption is awesome, but can be challenging for some. For storing small bits of personal data this is a solid option. However, some options will make you download the data from the cloud and un-encrypt it locally, so you wouldn’t be able to view it while “its in the cloud”

If you use a large service the right to privacy should be understood to be given up, unless you encrypt the data before uploading it. As of right now, in my humble opinion, the best options for securing your data is not only using a strong password, but a different password for each application and multi factor authentication. This will limit a ton of the most prevalent issues.

I would be more than happy to drone on about creating secure passwords and few examples, but do not want to bore anyone.

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Yes, people do need to realise this. You cannot view your encrypted files without first downloading them for decryption.

Other than Nordlocker, I have used pCloud for a while and found it pleasant to use. Worked well on Linux, too.

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@nilss Have you checked out Mudita Space?

No, back then it didn’t exist. Now I moved all data to my NAS.
Is Mudita space fully zero-knowledge, meaning: if you lose your password the data is effectively lost and Mudita cannot restore it for you because they have no access either?(as it should be)

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@nilss Yes! Mudita Space is ZERO-KNOWLEDGE, so if you loose your access, we can’t help you because we don’t have any way to access your info.


Glad you joined the rare breed :wink: