Clothing that shields Facial Recognition

I just came across a really interesting product.
This Italian company is making flamboyant-looking clothes which defeat facial recognition without masks. They look very old-school, kinda mid 80s, but I’m kinda loving it.

It’s from an Italian fashion start-up called Cap_able & this is the Manifesto Collection.
The clothes are knitted and come in all kinds of cool patterns that actually trick facial recognition software into identifying you as an animal instead of a human! How cool is that? It’s like having a secret identity without even trying.
I think they are using technology in such a creative way to solve a privacy problem.
What do you guys think?


The CCP updated its facial-recognition software after China enforced masking in public such that the software could then recognize people even when they are wearing masks. I suppose that the CCP eventually could overcome this trickery, too. Still, I love this creative approach to controlling customers’ privacy!