Chat apps and e-reading

This Mudita Pure phone looks really nice, I love the idea and the vision behind it. Two things I’m wondering about. First, in the communication department, I see a lot of friends using the messenger chat from Facebook, or similar apps, like WhatsApp, signal, and some similar apps with extra privacy measures built-in. As this messaging replaces already a lot of my SMS-messaging, I’m wondering wether the Mudita Pure will be able to host such messaging services? In my imagination this would ideally be in one texting-app, where you could not just see sms, but also FB Messenger messages. That’s actually the main function of my phone, apart from the distracting internet stuff, which is actually good to get away from and why I love your concept.
The second question is about e-reading. I have an e-reader somewhere, but right now I mostly read on my phone, currently using google books. If not for the Mudita Pure, I think it would be awesome to have a minimalistic phone like the Pure that has an option to add long-reading materials like books. I guess the e-ink display is already a heritage from e-reading technology.

Thing is, three things I would love in my phone, apart from it’s core business of communication, that is music, meditation and reading (love that there is already a meditation timer built in, by the way!

So if I can text my friends on all networks (sms, FB, whatsapp, signal) on the go, call whoever I need to call, listen to music, meditate and read, and have an alarm clock, I’ll probably stop using my old smartphone spontaneously after some time with the Mudita Pure.

So in short:

  • support for FB messenger texting?
  • e-reader like function?
    …In the mudita pure/in a future concept phone

I apologise for the delayed response @Maja_Minnaert. Thank you for your contribution to the forum, we’re really glad that you like Pure and that you’re a fan of the meditation timer! We do have the ability to play music, so it should be possible to add downloaded podcasts or audiobooks via the desktop app.

I am unable to comment with regards to future products from Mudita but I can confirm that Mudita Pure will not have any Facebook apps. It is also not possible to read ebooks on Mudita Pure. Signal was taken into consideration as part of our stretch goal on Kickstarter but that stretch goal was not met. If you have any questions, let me know, I’d be happy to help.


The screen is a bit small for reading e-books anyway.


The screen is a bit small for reading e-books anyway.

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