Charging Cables Going Universal In EU

With the EU looking like it will mandate USB-C as the universal charging cable, what cable does Mudita Pure have?

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A USB-C cable :smiley: So I think we are good.


I disagree here.
I remember the time when each company had their own proprietary charger. Sometimes even different phone models from the same company had different chargers!
Back then I found it very user unfriendly and totally irresponsible from an ecological point of view. There were literally tons of cables (basically plastic and copper) we could have spare the world just by using standard chargers.
FYI Interestingly Apple, who seems to be the big opposition here, are pretty bad at providing cables and dongles for their products. I have an old Mabook Pro and an iPhone and their respective cables look rotten without apparent reason. I had to fix both by myself. It is crystal clear to me that Apple’s concerns here are not about innovation but -as usual, chrematistic.

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@private and @nirvana. I believe that you both made a point that I agree.

In my experience, I had an entire bag of accessories and lightning adaptors for my former iPad mini. The new one has USB-C. Apple earns a lot of money with that, and it is embarrassing the quality of the cables they provide. My Nokia has a mini USB, and I have a micro USB to USB-C adaptor. The only lightning cable in my home at the moment is for my girlfriend’s iPhone, which will disappear in November with the arrival of Mudita Pure. So, we only have two long and durable USB-C cables on our desk for the MacBook, iPad, and phones.

I’m against any imposition, especially by force, as the daily examples in recent times. However, I see a practical utility for the consumers if the companies decide to standardize the connectors.

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This advice matches why I decided to order a USB power adapter from Mudita instead of hoping that anything would be sufficient for the Pure that I ordered. I made that decision because I have seen too many times that a cord or a power adapter can be insufficient to charge something – be it a Garmin GPS watch or an LED light for runners.

If you lose your charger or a USB cable gets frayed, resist the temptation to buy the cheapest replacement. The few dollars you save on a low-cost substitute may very likely negatively affect your device’s performance.

One-size-fits-all charger and cable makers don’t want you to know that often their products do not have the proper voltage needed to work with your specific device. Why does that matter? Your battery may end up not getting the juice it needs to charge fully. Worse, it may erode the battery’s life.

Cheap chargers can be dangerous to you, too. Many generic phone chargers are less likely to meet established safety and quality testing guidelines than their name-brand counterparts, leading to severe shocks and burns.

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I’m a fan of universal charging cables. It means less stuff to store & less cables to carry with me when I travel. However, I do have to agree, that not all charging cables are created equal. The Mudita USB-C cable is a really good quality cable & I’m not afraid to use it with other devices.

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