CD Projekt Red/Mudita

I’m very curious how Mudita connects with CD Projekt Red. I know they share a cofounder, but I’m interested in how philosophies between the two companies align or diverge. It definitely seems a bit divergent to release a phone to help people lead happier & healthier lives and a murder simulator in the same year, but what especially concerns me is what I read in this article about the crunch workstyle, which definitely doesn’t align with what Mudita talks about:

I’d love to hear from people on the Mudita team, is this all an inevitable offshoot of global capitalism, are we being sold both sides of the same coin, does Mudita’s cofounder support the CDPR workstyle? I ask because I want to believe in the values Mudita is talking about. Thanks.


I’m glad you brought up this topic.
When it comes to comparing our companies, I would rather not compare them. Mudita was created a few years after Michał Kiciński left CDP Red. His decision was due to many factors. You can hear about it on one of the films we managed to shoot with Michal:

At Mudita, we adhere to different values, because we also create completely different products. Our basic philosophy is to enjoy your life. Offline. We teach people how to mindfully use technology.

We respect CD Projekt Red and everything they do. They are an example of a company that, despite many turbulences, managed to stand out and develop so incredibly. I also had the opportunity to work at CDP Red on the first Witcher, so I can conclude that the staff members have always been well treated at CDP Red.

Of course, it is also important to realize that sometimes there are moments of intense work aimed at closing certain stages in the production. In Mudita it never was done without the consent of the employees and without respecting their abilities. I think the same thing is happening now at CD Projekt Red. :slight_smile:


That YouTube video of Michal’s story is a great one. I enjoyed watching that film.


Unrelated really, this made me think of how cool a (Product)RED Mudita Phone could be