Briar Project Integration

Briar Project(LINK) is a great project and has fully offline capability. Which allows user to send messages over Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network without internet. It can also can encrypt messages to a file to be sent physically (snail mail, in person, or pigeon) via a SD Card or USB.(LINK) This allows user to not be dependent on a central sever or even an internet connection. The more users that have the app installed it can be used to relay messages between phones. This can be used in many dire situations; weather destruction such as; tornados, tsunami, earthquake, power outages, etc. Also in countries that have dictatorship where internet connect is shut down leaving the people helpless in communication. This is where briar is advocates for journalist and activists giving them the ability to still communicate. Also to mention they are insane privacy focused and do not collect your data. Also to mention Briar can be used over internet just like any other messaging app but it uses the Tor Network(LINK) which most other messaging apps don’t. This feature doesn’t have to be incorporated into Mudita Pure to keep it fully offline. Everyone should do their own research and look into.

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Great idea! Many are also aware of Signal which would be cool, but another newer, more obscure option is Session. It’s basically Signal but with more privacy enhancing features. Session also doesn’t require a phone number like Signal does, which is very nice.


These are all interesting options. Thanks for sharing.