Blog: Rise and Shine: The Benefits of Waking Up with the Sun

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Are you a morning person who loves waking up with the sun? :sunny: Share your love for natural wake-up calls in the comments below and let’s inspire others to start their day with a peaceful and energizing routine.


I love this Blog and shining a Light on this topic (Pun intended) :smiley:

I’ve noticed a few years ago how my Sleep and my whole life gets impacted by the schedule of the sun. At that time I had to wake up at 04:30 Everyday to be at work at 06:00. It worked great during Summer but Winter was a real struggle!

To help with this struggle I got a special “Winter Depression Light Lamp” wich emmits over 10’000 Lux. When you wake up you turn it on and stare into it for 30 Minutes. This helps stopping the Melatonin production and makes you feel awake. It helped a lot for those times.

Since April Last year I work at a different Job where I can go to the Office when I want. Instead of going early in Winter, I adjusted my schedule to Rise up with the Sun. During Night we don’t close the shutters, we only have white curtains that let light through but where you can’t see from the outside. And the Bed is positioned this way, that we get early Sunshine.

This Winter was a huge difference! Waking up with the Sun made me not only much more happier, but also feeling more energized! Also that feeling to be able to start in your day when nature starts the day is very precious.


I love this! It is amazing how habits and setups can truly impact our lives for the better.
Myself, I’m currently waking up with the construction crew in the apartment above me. :expressionless: