Authenticator App

Hi guys
Do you plan to add an Authenticator app to generate 2 factor authentication tokens ?


Hi, thanks for your question.
There is no authenticator app on Mudita Pure.

It should be quite easy to add, and it does not require Internet connectivity.


There is often the option to get your two factor authentication code via SMS, although I understand your concern as this is a less secure option for two-factor authentication.

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This would be really good. Authenticator and VIP Access became one of my major usages for a mobile phone, beside making calls and texting.

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Thank you for your comment.
I will pass your idea onto our team. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking the 2FA apps are “more secure” in the way that you are not prone to SIM card cloning or other attempts (like people impersonating you on the service hotline for example).

It’s not answering your question, but if you have an old phone lying around, you could use that (completely offline) for 2FA. It’s more secure that way in general.

These ideas sound more like something that would fit into community-driven patches for the OS. However, I am not sure if it is possible to patch the official OS and load it onto the phone.


I also want to +1 the idea of an authenticator app.

Even willing to help build it. Also filled out a form to get access to the GitHub repo.


@l1ghthouse Welcome to the Mudita Community.