Audio Book Player ..... any recommendations?

Hello. I’ve recently started getting into audio books. I’ve also discovered that my cheap, generic MP3 player is no good for listening to audio books. I’ve been thinking about buying a new device to listen to audio books with. Does anyone have any recommendations?

My requirements are:

  • Portable device that is rechargeable or that has easily swappable batteries
  • Must be able to remember the position that I’m up to within an audio file, even if the device is turned off
  • Easy to copy files to the device from a computer, using USB, and without the requirement for any special software
  • Is not a phone, tablet, “smart” device, etc.
  • Not too expensive; no more than a few hundred dollars in price

I haven’t really started researching yet and I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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@user1 This is a good question. I would also like to hear some recommendations because I, too, am really into audiobooks. Currently, I use an old smartphone without a sim card. It’s basically de-googled & only has Audible on it. I log into wifi only when I need to download the books for listening.
One of my friends has this one: MP3 SanDisk Clip Sport Go 32GB
I really like it. I’m thinking about it


Good software mp3 player does it all and all audio books are mp4 video like you tube or mp3. Oh, ability to play video b-w or audio part of mp4, divx, matroska etc. video formats would be nice

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